SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst  v.2.0

SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst is a set of application software integrating geostatistical methods and GIS functions.

C# Spatial Index (RTree) Library  v.1

The C# RTree project aims to maintain a C# version of the RTree spatial indexing algorithm.


Java Spatial Index (RTree) Library  v.1.0b8

The Java RTree project aims to maintain an Java version of the RTree spatial indexing algorithm.

Spatial Data Integrator  v.4.2.0

Spatial Data Integrator(SDI) is an ETL tool for geospatial.

Spatial Knowledge Base  v.2.1.3

Spatial Knowledge Base is a web based application for storing and searching of archaeological sites information.

Spatial Mp3 player  v.1

Spatial Mp3 Player is a fast Flash mp3 player.

CHIP Spatial/Temporal Cluster Generator  v.1.0

The CHIP Cluster Generator attempts to create spatio-temporal cluster data in an automated fashion to help evaluate epidemic detection software.

DualCAD Spatial  v.1.0

The DualCAD project is an ongoing project 'over 17 years' to create a freeware cad application that handles the basic needs of most microstation users.

SpatialNote  v.PublicBeta

SpatialNote is a web-based 3D note-taking and knowledge sharing tool that boost your memory and learning process by engaging spatial mechanisms. SpatialNote doesn't require any special 3D or graphic skills.

SADA  v.4. 1. 1950

Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) is free software that incorporates tools from environmental assessment fields into an effective problem solving environment.

Geographic Imager  v.3 1

Working with raster imagery doesn't have to be complicated. Geographic Imager® enhances Adobe Photoshop to make working with spatial imagery quick and efficient.

Speleoliti  v.3.0

Speleoliti is a powerful and user-friendly software for spatial modelling. It is especially designed for speleological needs (cave mapping software), but also suitable for other kind of geo-works.

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